Notification of concentration

The Competition Act requires that concentrations (mergers, acquisitions, etc.) are notified to the Competition Authority by way of a standardized notification.

The rules on notification of concentrations to the Competition Authority are found in Sections 18, 18a and 18b of the Norwegian Competition Act, and in a regulation issued pursuant to that section (Regulation on the notification of concentrations).

Concentrations where the undertakings concerned have a combined annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 1 billion shall be notified to the Competition Authority. However, if only one of the undertakings concerned has an annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 100 million, notification is not required.

The purpose of a notification is to make the Competition Authority aware of the concentration, and to provide it with information as to whether the concentration might raise competition concerns in Norway. A notification must include the information listed in Sections 18a and 18b of the Competition Act. A notification may be submitted in Simplified notification

Certain concentrations, that are unlikely to affect competition, may be submitted by a simplified notification. For more information regarding the simplified procedure, see separate fact sheet.

Public announcement of notified concentrations
The Competition Authority publishes an announcement of all notified concentrations on its website. The announcement includes identification of the undertakings concerned, information about the concentration, and on the affected markets. Some of this information is available in Norwegian only.

Obligation to notify and prohibition of implementation
Mergers and acquisitions are prohibited from being implemented before they have been notified to and reviewed by the Competition Authority. There is no deadline for notifying a concentration to the Competition Authority, provided that the parties have not started to implement the concentration.


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