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Norwegian Competition Authority

The Competition Authority’s main task is to enforce competition law. The Authority employs in excess of 100 employees.

In it’s daily work, the Competition Authority puts great emphasis on providing information and the correct incentives to the market players, benefiting ultimately, the consumers, businesses in general, industry and the governmental administrative sector. The Authority endeavors to provide a service which is favorable to the public, whilst at the same time showing itself as an authority on competition law. It strives to maintain a reputation of being professionally highly competent, dynamic and efficient, finding effective solutions to the various problems in the field, and offering a high standard of service.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries provides the framework for the Competition Authority’s activities.

The Complaints Board for competition is the appellate body for the Norwegian Competition Authority`s decisions. Complaints are to be addressed to the Complaints Board, forwarded through the Competition Authority.

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