Closes investigation against industry association

The Norwegian Competition Authority has been investigating an industry association for possible anticompetitive behaviour since 2020. After an overall assessment of the available facts, the Authority has now decided to close the investigation.

The investigation of a possible infringement of Section 10 of the Competition Act, which prohibits anticompetitive agreements and concerted practices, was initiated due to concerns about possible exchange of competitively sensitive information.

The Authority has examined the information that was gathered during the investigation and taken statements from persons central to the case.

– After an overall assessment of the available information, we have decided to terminate the investigation and close the case, says Director of Investigations, Kari Bjørkhaug.

Kari Bjørkhaug, etterforskningsdirektør i Konkurransetilsynet.
Kari Bjørkhaug, Director of Investigation in the Norwegian Competition Authority.