Director General for Competition Lars Sørgard

Lars Sørgard entered the position as Director General for Competition on 25 January.

– I am very excited to lead a highly professional authority that will detect and prevent violations of competition rules, and that will stop mergers and acquisitions that weaken competition. Weakened competition can lead to higher prices, poorer range and poorer service, to the detriment of consumers, says competition director general Lars Sørgard.

The Competition Authority will also be an active and visible professional authority in the public debate.

– The Competition Authority will challenge established schemes and facilitate innovative and effective solutions that provide healthy competition to the benefit of consumers and businesses, says Sørgard.

The appointment of Director General for Competition is for a fixed term of six years with a possible extension up to six years.

Lars Sørgard

  • Lars Sørgard comes from the position as chief economist of the Authority.
  • Sørgard has worked as a professor at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He has professional expertise in competition policy and has been very active in both teaching and research.
  • Sørgard has been a key person in developing the strong academic environment within the field of competition, and has also been instrumental in the reconstruction of BECCLE (Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics).
  • Lars Sørgard has management experience from NHH, including as Research Director at SNF (Economics and Business Administration), where he has also been chairman.
  • Lars Sørgard was the Competition Authority’s first chief economist, in the period 2004-2007, and was thus central to building up the Competition Authority in Bergen.
  • Sørgard is a sought-after speaker and expert internationally. He has also participated in numerous public committees, including the committee that proposed recommendations for a revised Competition Act in 2012.
Portrettbilde av konkurransedirektør Lars Sørgard.
Lars Sørgard, konkurransedirektør.