Director General returns to professorship at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

After a period of reflection, Director General Lars Sørgard has decided not to apply for a new term of office as Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority.

The Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority is appointed for a term of six years. The current term is approaching an end, and the vacant position was advertised on 30 August. Lars Sørgard will continue as Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority until January 2022, but will then return to his position as Professor of Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

– The position as Director General is very rewarding and challenging, and I am proud of what we have achieved in the Norwegian Competition Authority over the past six years. After some time of reflection, I have nevertheless decided to return to my position as professor at NHH, from which I have been on leave for six years. There is nothing dramatic about this decision, says Lars Sørgard.

Under Lars Sørgaard’s leadership, the Norwegian Competition Authority has adopted decisions  concerning serious violations of the Competition Act in a number of major cases, which in total have resulted in the imposition of several billions NOK in fines. Several anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions have also been prohibited, amongst others, in markets for ferry transport, offshore accommodation services and pizza restaurants. Sørgard has also led the Authority’s extensive efforts to improve competition in the grocery market.

– The employees of the Competition Authority would have liked Lars Sørgard to continue as Director General. He is a very well-regarded leader and enjoys great respect for his professionalism and knowledge of economics, says Kristin Davidsen, union representative for the lawyers in the Norwegian Competition Authority.

The process of finding Lars Sørgaard’s successor has commenced. The recruitment company BackerSkeie has been commissioned by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to hire a new Director General for the Norwegian Competition Authority. The new Director General shall be appointed by the King in Council.

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Lars Sørgard

* Has been the Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority since January 2016.

* Was the Norwegian Competition Authority’s first Chief Economist 2004-2007 and played a central role in establishing the Norwegian Competition Authority in Bergen in the period 2004-06 when the Authority moved to Bergen from Oslo.

* Has a background as professor at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). His field of study has for many years been competition policy, and he has been very active in both teaching and research in this field.

* Has played a central role in developing a strong professional environment within the field of competition policy in Bergen, including, among other things, the establishment of the Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics (BECCLE).

* Has been head of research and chairman of the board at SNF (Social and Business Research).

* Is a popular speaker. Has also participated in a number of public committees, including the committee that proposed a revision of the Competition Act in 2012.

Portrettbilde av Lars Sørgard som er konkurransedirektør.
General Director Lars Sørgard.

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