Favourable ruling in the Telenor case – competition tribunal upholds fine of 788 million NOK imposed on Telenor

The Norwegian Competition Tribunal agrees with the Norwegian Competition Authority that Telenor has abused its dominant position in the Norwegian mobile market, and upholds the fine of 788 million NOK.

– We are satisfied that the Norwegian Competition Tribunal shares the Norwegian Competition Authority’s view that Telenor’s conduct constitutes a violation of the Norwegian Competition Act, says Director General Lars Sørgard.

The Norwegian Competition Tribunal upholds the fine of 788 million NOK, which is the highest fine imposed on a company in Norway for an infringement of the Competition Act.

The decision of the Norwegian Competition Authority
Norway has been one of very few countries in Europe with only two mobile operators with their own nationwide mobile network, with Telenor as the dominant player. Mobile operators without their own network have to rent access to either Telenor’s or Telia’s network. Due to the lack of effective competition, Norwegian authorities still regulate the Norwegian mobile market. Therefore, the development of a third mobile network was key to achieving increased competition in this market.

In 2007, Network Norway started the construction of a third mobile network together with Tele2. During the rollout of the network, Network Norway bought access to Telenor’s network in areas where the third mobile network did not yet have coverage.

In 2010, Telenor changed the conditions in its network access agreement with Network Norway. It is in this regard that Telenor abused its dominant position.

The press release the Norwegian Competition Authority issued when its decision was adopted can be found here.

The public version of the Norwegian Competition Authority’s decision can be found here (only in Norwegian).


Konkurransedirektør Lars Sørgard.
Konkurransedirektør Lars Sørgard.

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