Initiates investigation in the retail fuel market

The Norwegian Competition Authority initiates investigation in the retail fuel market

The Authority has initiated the investigation based on findings from the continuous market monitoring of this market.

– We will now investigate whether the Competition Act’s prohibition against price coordination has been violated, says Deputy Director Marita Skjæveland.

The Authority has followed this market closely for several years. The Authority started monitoring the fuel market in 2016 following an assessment, which indicated that competition in this market did not function well. As part of its monitoring, the Authority has requested market players to submit market data to the Authority twice a year, including their prices, sales volumes and purchasing terms.

– The opening of an investigation does not imply that the companies involved have infringed the Competition Act. The Authority will now collect further information, with a view to assess whether or not the suspected anti-competitive practices constitute a violation of the Competition Act, Skjæveland points out.

The Norwegian Competition Authority cannot give any further details about its investigation at this stage. For general press inquiries regarding the further process, please contact: 476 67 777

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