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Date Title
03.02.2021 Survey shows that several companies use monitoring algorithms
05.01.2021 Disclosure requirements continued in several markets
18.12.2020 Monitoring of the Norwegian aviation market expanded
15.12.2020 Anticompetitive practices may have led to higher grocery prices
25.11.2020 Fines exceeding 1 billion NOK in total imposed on Verisure and Sector Alarm
13.11.2020 Inspections in the market for sea freight
11.11.2020 Schibsted must sell Nettbil
30.10.2020 Investigates industry association
15.10.2020 Closes investigation against Circle K and YX
08.10.2020 New survey of purchase prices confirms significant differences
28.09.2020 Nordic Competition Authorities release joint memorandum on digital platforms and the future of European policy
24.09.2020 Considers imposing fines on five companies in the book market totalling NOK 502 million
02.09.2020 Court of Appeal upholds decision against publishing companies
27.08.2020 Norgesgruppen is fined 20 million for not disclosing acquisition of grocery store premises
19.06.2020 Increased efforts can improve competition in the grocery market
11.06.2020 Closes investigation against Ringnes – commitments may give consumers a wider selection of beers
12.05.2020 Considers imposing a fine of NOK 15 million on St1 Norge AS
17.04.2020 New temporary law extends deadlines for merger control
15.04.2020 Guidance for companies providing critical goods and services to COVID-19 patients
07.04.2020 The European Commission to decide on Mastercard’s acquisition of parts of Nets