A2000-12 – Nutreco Holding N.V – Norsk Hydro ASA

Bestemmelse ikon Bestemmelse: § 3-11

Dokumentdato ikon Dokumentdato: 31.05.2000


Konkurransetilsynet har vurdert Nutrecos erverv av Hydro Seafood etter konkurranseloven § 3-11 og funnet at vilkårene for inngrep ikke er til stede.

The Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA) refers to your letter of April 13th 2000 concerning the notification of Nutreco Holding N.Vs acquisition of Hydro Seafood AS, Hydro Seafood GSP Ltd and Hydro Seafood Valmer S.A which are all subsidiaries of Norsk Hydro ASA. The final agreement was signed on April 4th 2000.

The NCA has reviewed this acquisition under section 3-11 of the Competition Act and has found that it does not create or strengthen a significant restriction of competition contrary to the purpose of section 1- 1. The purpose of the Act is to achieve efficient utilisation of society’s resources by providing the necessary conditions for effective competition.

The NCA can therefore inform you that we will not take any further action in this case.